Pilates challenges both the mind & the body—it's exercise for life.

Pilates is a complete exercise system that works the entire body. Pain in the body is often the result of simple imbalances. As a former competitive tennis player I understand the toll that sports can take on the body. For athletes, Pilates offers balance, improved flexibility and core strength—all of which help to prevent injury and enhance performance. For everyone, Pilates develops a strong center from which we can move with less compensation. You will see improvement in your strength, flexibility and balance, and generally feel better as you go about your daily activities.


If you know you have a weak torso and you want to strengthen those core muscles, then Pilates is for you. No other exercise regimen will do as much for your core strength. If you want to get down to business right away, i.e. make progress, then you Pamela, a smart, dedicated teacher, one who is impassioned about her work. Her approach is individual. She will keep you progressing, without injuries, and you, like me, will love your new stronger body. I’ve tried a lot of Marin Pilates teachers over the last ten years and I’m happy to say, ‘I’ve found mine.’
— Marybeth Whittemore

Pam constantly explores and expands her own practice affording her clients the best of her knowledge and expertise. She customizes each session for her clients based on their needs and level of practice.
— Deanne Mehling

As a pro athlete, pilates with Pam have been an essential part of my training program. Pilates provided me with the balanced strength, flexibility and mobility to compete at the highest level. When I started training with Pam I immediately saw a difference in my game. I was able to stay injury free, train more, and get stronger. Pam created the perfect training environment. Each session built on the last so it seemed familiar but small changes and new moves make it feel new, engaging, and made time fly! What really made the training great though was Pam’s approach. She took into account my pro soccer career and helped put together specific sessions that allowed me to work on my strength and flexibility weaknesses. For those athletes at the top or on the brink of greatness, this is your key to making sure that you can get the most out of your body and sports career.
— Fiona O'Sullivan
I’ve taken years of Pilates classes from instructors around Marin. For the past five months I’ve been studying with Pam Howard, and I’ve found her to be the best overall instructor I’ve encountered hands down (and stomach scooped). She’s extremely knowledgeable and focused, and she’s observant—all hallmarks of a careful and skilled teacher. Her lessons are exercises (literally and figuratively) in proper form with compassionate attention to her clients’ condition and needs. Her demonstrations of movements, positions and alignments are clear and helpful. She can show you not only what a movement should look like, but how it should feel.

When I began working with her I was suffering from sciatica brought on by a fall while on vacation. I believe Pam’s classes were instrumental in helping me recover quickly. As a result, I added a second weekly session with her, which has been well worth the investment.

In short, I recommend Pam Howard without reservation—if you want to strengthen your core, recover from an injury, or simply advance in the practice of Pilates, you won’t be disappointed.
— Paul Bailiff