I discovered Pilates over ten years ago while searching for exercise to relieve persistent neck and back pain created by my over zealous work outs in the gym. After my first session I left the studio feeling taller, more aligned, more energetic, and at ease. I was hooked!

Easily bored by most exercise routines, Pilates sustains my focus and interest. Pilates is intelligent exercise requiring precision, focus and concentration, resulting in a balanced full body workout. Pilates continues to challenge both my mind and my body—it is truly exercise for life. 

Core & More provides the benefits of this method. When teaching I love giving my students the opportunity to increase awareness of their own bodies, tuning into the seemingly minor imbalances that can lead to compensation, tightness, weakness etc. It is extremely rewarding to empower people with the tools to heal themselves.

I believe that we all have a desire to age gracefully, and on a physical level I know Pilates will keep me moving. Joseph Pilates said, "If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it's completely flexible at 60, you are young."


Teaching is a reflection of our influences, and for me it is an ever-evolving life long path of learning and exploration. My understanding of the Pilates method has continually evolved and deepened, and I have trained in both classical and contemporary approaches to the work. In both my own practice and my teaching I have landed in the classical camp, which strives to keep the original work of Joseph Pilates alive.

I also believe that yoga can be highly complementary to Pilates, and is particularly useful for increasing flexibility and releasing tight muscles. I often incorporate yoga into session with clients. I have also studied methods for fascia release, utilizing rollers and balls, which I use when appropriate for a particular client.

My approach is integrative—I use whatever tools will best serve the body in front of me.


1982 UC Berkeley: Bachelor of Arts
2010 - FLOW Studio - Fairfax, CA: 600 Comprehensive Certification in mat and all equipment
2012 - ITT Pilates - San Francisco, CA: Mat certification
2014 - Yoga Garden - San Anselmo, CA: 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
2014 - Yoga Garden - San Anselmo, CA: 90 hour Yoga Therapy Training
2015 - Yoga Works - Larkspur, CA: 100 hour Grace and Guts Yoga Immersion

Pam continues to train and attend workshops in both yoga and classical Pilates.